The Who Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw against time and try to assemble the complete picture in shortest time and with fewest moves. Move the picture fragments to the right place in the playing field.

When a fragment is correctly positioned it can't be pushed any more. Otherwise it can be moved again but this causes time and number of moves. Each of the 10 levels differs in the number of fragments and in different time and move limits.

If you have managed to assemble a picture within the time and move limits you achieve scoring points and the next level can be played which consists of either more fragments or less time or move limits. After reaching level 6 you can enter the highscore list.

Have fun and many success for an entry in the highscore!


Game Buttons
Start Game

Starts the current level.

View Highscore List

Displays the current highscore list.

Next Level

You have managed the current level and achieved score points. This button generates the next level.

Try Again

You did not managed the current level within the time and move limits. Try again. For each repeated level 5% of your total score points are subtracted.

Enter Highscore List

Call the dialogue for entering the highscore list.

Stop Game And Enter Highscore List

You can stop the game and make an entry in the highscore list.

Confirm Stop Game And Enter Highscore List

Choose button "nein, zurück" to cancel and return or button "ok" to confirm.

Dialogue Enter Highscore List

Spielername: your player's name
   (name is not verified, you should use a unique nickname)
richtiger Name: full name (not displayed)
E-Mail: your e-mail adress (not displayed)
Alter: your age (not displayed)
Punkte: score you achieved

Spiel bewerten = evaluate game (1=good, 6=bad)

eintragen = submit entry
zurück = return

New Game

Start a new game.

Highscore List

The Top 100 Highscore List is a dynamic list. With each new entry in the highscore list the score of every other player is reduced by 1% of the score points. So every player is able to play the leading players down.

The original score points of the players are listed in (brackets).

With button “zurück“ you can leave the highscore list.