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Great WHO 1968 gig poster in latest MOJO 60s issue    by | von  Chris ( )  (2015-10-22 22:49:23)
The latest instalment of MOJO’s 60s (Vol. 4) has an exciting deluxe, pull-out reproduction poster of The Who’s 1968 gig poster with Arthur Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Small Faces and The Mindbenders at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm.

The issue also includes gargantuan, in-depth stores on The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Fred Neil, Otis Redding, The Small Faces and more, as well as another deluxe, pull-out reproduction poster of Pink Floyd, plus a lavish Pin-ups section presenting killer photographs of Captain Beefheart, The Flying Burrito Brothers, James Brown, The Yardbirds and more.

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