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Tickets for The Who in Ulm 23.7.2006    by | von  Marco from Italy ( )  (2006-02-22 22:32:34)
Hi, everybody.
I am an italian Who fan.
There are very scarce possibilities to see the Who live in Italy next summer (the Imola Heineken Festival dates seem to be cancelled).
But luckily there will be some Who concerts in Germany!!!
I‘ve read that the Who will perform live in Ulm on 23.7.2006.
I went to the german website call "eventim" to purchase the tickets on line for the Ulm concert but, with my surprise, there is no english page for foreigner purchasers...and me, I don‘t speak German at all (so it‘s impossibile for me to follow the instructions and the various steps for the transaction)
Please, Who German Fans,do you have any suggestions?
Can you help me?
Thank you in advance.
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