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Review aus Atlanta    by | von  dino  (2006-11-23 11:52:41)
Dies ist ein Bericht von einem Freund von mir aus Atlenta gestern abend

Tonight in Atlanta we were absolutely thrilled by what we witnessed!

It was an amazing night full of emotional highs more so that have been previously experienced.

Here are hilights & thoughts from tonight‘s show.

-Right from the start you could tell the ethusiasm from the crowd was extreme,that expressed itself thru out the night.

-Pete‘s windmills during ICE & AAA were numerous & explosive.

-pete slid across Roger on his knees during WGFA & put his hands together in prayer when Roger sang "and i get on my knees & pray"- unlike anything we‘ve ever seen in Who history!
-and this was just one of many things we‘ve never seen before at a Who concert.

-Another moment during MG , Pete stood on top of a monitor & lipped angry words (unkown at press time,lol)at the crowd that was as vicious as I‘ve ever went on forever.

-The windmills by Pete were a record breaking in numbers - easily!

-Pete punched his guitar strings angrily during a song that is NOT called for..which,I almost think YBYB.

-Roger swung his mic 4 times during pinball wizard...never saw this before ever

-Roger swung his mic more during this show than I‘ve witnessed in many years.

-During "Tea & Theater", Roger‘s mic did not work, so Roger threw his mic down & started stomping on it & spilling the liquid in his tea mug...very angrily.

-We‘ve seen this alot recently.But the standing ovation for BOR was overwhelmingly long,loud,and never ending.

-Pete & Roger both interacted,smiled,and played off eachother all night long

-The crowd was 100% receptive,thrilled,& engergized from start to finish, including during W&G- standing at every seat in the arena, which ignited Pete & Roger.

-This is the most standing ovations I have ever seen at any of the 30 + Who shows I‘ve been to.

-The energy between Pete & Roger & Zak & the rest of the band was something to be seen to be believed.The interaction between the band & the audience is something not seen in many years.The connection between us & them was unparallel to any show ever experienced before.

-We interviewed over 60 fans, and they all thought it was the best concert ever!

-Ultimatelty this evening proved that Pete & Roger were more emotionally involved in this particular show that we‘ve ever witnessed before.And I feel this was mutually driven by the engergy & bond between the band & the audience.

I am missing a hundred things that you will not believe when you see the DVD!

Marc with contributions from Rob & Mike
p.s.- This show had a spiritual high that we have never quite witnessed before that was ultimately very special.
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