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die Zeit für The Who vorbei für volle Hallen und Stadien ???    by | von  GOCE  (2007-05-28 16:42:35)
Concert Antwerpen verplaatst

Het concert dat The Who zou geven in het Sportpaleis in Antwerpen op vrijdag 8 juni is verplaatst naar de Lotto Arena. In het Sportpaleis kunnen 14.000 toeschouwers. Er waren tot dusver 5.700 kaarten verkocht. In de Lotto Arena kunnen 6.000 toeschouwers.

The concert was fantastic but I have no doubt as to why so many tickets
remained unsold ,The previous history of reducing ticket prices at the
eleventh hour, and the poor publicity. The Who tour has been advertised in
the nationalpres for months but I have never noticed an advert for the Hull
Gig in any of these ads.Hull has a small town mentality if we think that way
we shall never be anything but a small town.If the organisers of the
concerts at the KC thought bigger and advertised these events Nationaly
surely there is a greater likelyhood of attracting people into the city for
these events
Merilyn Wilson, Hull

The Who, Bon-Jovi and REM! If Hull can attract acts that are not 20 years
past their day then it might fill the stadium. I guarantee Oasis,Arctic
Monkeys etc etc would sell out in hours. Elton John (although not my music
choice) is obviously popular and filled the stadium. Real music fans in the
area have been waiting for a decent band. Try harder KC.
Paul, Hessle

I was at the concert and travelled down from Scotland to see my favourite
band.What a fantastic concert, a fantastic place to have a concert and a
great atmosphere. The people of Hull and the surrounding areas don't know
how lucky they are to have this sort of entertainment on there doorsteps. My
nearest venue is 2hours away and as for getting tickets for any concerts,
well they are sold out so quickly you don't have a chance. Well done to the
KC Stadium please don't give up these concerts.
Vanessa, Glenrothes

Maybe if the ticket prices were lower then more people would be able to
afford to go and would have. Paying £35 to stand in the rain!! CRAZY. Does
it make good business sense to have highly priced tickets and sell only
half? I think not.
Mandy , Hull

I Really enjoyed the Gig on Saturday night, although I thought the Encore
set was a little subdued towards thye end, most bands I have seen play leave
on a big number, not a cup of tea. I suppose that will endear me to all of
the died in the wool Who fans out there, but it is just my opinion, did not
spoil the night; just strange. I believe that The Who played Sheffield &
Newcastle within 2 nights of the KC gig , that would sureley have reduced
the catchment area for the fans. If I remember correctly the Elton John show
was down south the night before then on to the Stadium of light and did not
have another show in this area, perhaps that is the reason for the non-sell
Phil Edwards, Hull

Thought the Who were fantastic, an amazing performance from the boys.
Regarding paul from Hessle comments Not wishing to sound pedantic......
However REM formed in 1980 and released there most popular album in 1992 and
in 2001 released REVEAL Which sold about 6 Million in Europe - Hardly 20
years Past there sell by date is it?
Axl Rose, Hull

I find it hard to understand how KC lost money! A pint of bitter and J2O
cost me £5.40!! Looking at the amount people were drinking, the bar profits
must have been enormous! The Who were brilliant, Roger can still sing and
Pete can still play. Amazing!
AB, West of Hull

Got to agree with Merilyn comments,the KC really has to look at it's
marketing of the gig,no advertising of the gig in the national press
whatsoever.Having travelled over the country to see sell out concerts by The
Who over the years,it is obvious the publicity department at the KC isn't
very good.
Keith, Hull

I would have liked to have gone but i got tickets to glastonbury instead so
will see them there. I agree with the comments about the type of bands that
they put on. Ok some big legends etc but wheres the music for the younger
generations?? If you want to fill the place book the likes of .Oasis,
Kasabian, The Killers, Razorlight, Artic Monkeys etc Its 2007!!! surely its
not to difficult to work out.
lee, notts
I paid £225 including booking fee for 4 £50 West stand seat tickets. I opted
for seats as I wanted to make sure my two teenage kids would be able to see
properly. However the lack of a full crowd on the pitch affected the
atmosphere. About 20 minutes into The Who's set a few fans near me,
obviously disappointed at the empty space in front, asked the stewards to be
let onto the pitch & they obliged. We followed suit & the atmosphere in
front of the stage was awesome! I agree with previous comments about ticket
pricing being too high, at £25 & £40 a ticket maybe the books would have
balanced better for the KC management. To anyone who wasn't there, you
missed one of the great Rock & Roll acts in the world! Probably the last
chance we'll get to see them. Pete Townshend's guitar playing, for a man in
his 60's, is amazing! Highlight for me was 'Won't Get Fooled Again' which
blew me away! Keep the concerts coming! Even if I did end up paying sixty
quid more than I had to!
Dave Hudson, Beverley


08:00 - 28 May 2007

Bosses of the city's KC Stadium will consider canning concerts after they
failed to sell thousands of tickets for rock legends The Who's appearance in
the city.

An estimated 17, 000 of a possible 24,000 tickets were sold for Saturday's
performance by the band, which has sold 100 million albums in a career
spanning more than four decades.

Stadium manager Rob Smith said he was determined to try to continue putting
on concerts at the stadium but conceded it was "crazy" to carry on suffering
financial losses.

He declined to discuss exactly how much the stadium missed out on but had
the remaining tickets sold at the lowest price of £35 it would have added
about £245,000 to the pot.

In the past the KC has failed to sell-out big names including REM and Bon
Jovi. However Elton John and Neil Diamond played to capacity crowds.

Mr Smith said: "We have got to consider whether this will be the last
concert because, from a business point of view, it is crazy.

"We are not saying it is the last one but we have to look at it over the
coming weeks to see if it is viable to continue.

"Five years ago we didn't have anything like this in Hull and we want to see
it carry on, but we have to think how long we can do this for if we don't
get the support.

"I don't think it is a problem unique to Hull, it is happening to stadiums
across the board."

For Who fans the somewhat lacklustre ticket sales and Saturday's rain failed
to dampen their enjoyment of the concert, which saw the 60-somethings talk
to people from across the generations.

Bernard McGuinn, 52, who took his son Adam to see the band for his sixteenth
birthday said: "I love the energy of The Who. I have seen them about six
times before and I wanted to share that with my son."

Mr McGuinn, who regularly travels from his home in Selby for KC concerts
said: "It would be a shame if they stopped doing concerts here. It is an
ideal night out and just what this area needs."

The Who delighted fans with a 90-minute set which included classics
including Can't Explain, Substitute and Behind Blue Eyes mixed with songs
from their new album Endless Wire.

The band, which featured Ringo Star's son Zak Starkey on drums, didn't
appear phased by the rows of empty seats. Both of The Who's front men took
the opportunity to pay tribute to the city.

Pete Townshend, who sported a red cravat and looked more like a country
squire than a rock rebel, told the crowd he felt at home in the city as he
had relatives here.

Roger Daltrey said: "It's a long time since we've been here, too long."

He later made reference to their 1970 gig at the City Hall where the
recording machine broke.
He told the crowd that had the recording machine worked, their famous Live
In Leeds album would have been Live In Hull, because it was a better
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