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Townshend über eine mögliche "Quadrophenia" Tour 2012    by | von  Don  (2011-11-13 13:50:02)
noch etwas genaueres zu "Floss" (hoffentlich erscheint das Album noch) und seiner Autobiographie:

Townshend continues to work on two major creative projects. He says the musical "Floss" is "hanging on a nail at the moment. Nobody has heard anything yet except my music publisher...and I was very gratified to hear later that he went and told his buddies that it was a masterpiece in the making." Townshend plans to pick it up again after March, when he's scheduled to finish his memoir, "Who He?"

"I'm enjoying writing this book," Townshend says. "I'm surrounded by boxes full of press clippings and diaries and letters and photos and all kinds of stuff, and it's kind of fun. At some times I find it quite hard. Writing the book is a cathartic process, but it's also something that takes me back to crazier times. Sometimes I just have to sit and just kind of let myself off the hook and say, 'Listen, everybody knows this stuff. All I'm doing is giving my point of view.' But I'm halfway through and I'm getting good reactions from my editor and I'm really enjoying it."
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