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Townshend über eine mögliche "Quadrophenia" Tour 2012    by | von  Don  (2011-11-13 13:31:27)


If Pete Townshend has his way, The Who will be back on the road next winter to play its 1973 rock opera "Quadrophenia." Townshend, who curated the new "Quadrophenia -- The Director's Cut" box set that comes out November 15, tells The Insider that he's keen to recreate the production that he, Roger Daltrey and the late John Entwistle presented during 1996-97, with a larger band and guests such as Gary Glitter, Billy Idol and P.J. Proby. "I think the music comes across beautifully," says Townshend, adding that at the moment he's having to push a somewhat reluctant Daltrey into committing to the trek. "I know that Roger wants to make a few changes to the way it's presented and some of the film images we use, but I'm very happy with the way it is," Townshend says. "I think the music comes across beautifully. So I've kind of been waiting patiently...This is a role reversal because usually Roger is the one who wants to go on tour and I'm the one who's like, 'Hey, hold up. I've got this to write and this to do...' I'm usually the one that is being nagged, and it's been the other way around. I've been nagging Roger now for quite a time to get this show out, and it looks like now we will probably tour in the winter of 2012. That's the soonest it's gonna happen, but I'm looking forward to it." Townshend says the Who's manager, Bill Curbishley, is also working on a sequel to the 1979 "Quadrophenia" film. Townshend is also finishing work on a new musical, "Floss," and on his autobiography, "Who He?," that's due out next year.
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