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Zak Starkey - Pete's bio    by | von  Lowend100  (2013-01-15 06:30:50)
I'm a lifelong fan of Pete Townsend and of the Who, and I just finished Pete's autobio. Overall, it was superb, way above the average rockstar bio, but then, I expected it to be. I was greatly surprised though, that he barely mentions or acknowledges Zak Starkey in the book. The Who have always been at their best live, and Zak was the drummer that resurrected their sound, and enabled them to start playing live like The Who again. His role in the Who's live sound is Major. Was it because he refused permanent membership in the band? For a guy who is so unflinchingly honest about other areas of the band's history, Pete Townsend sure didn't have much to say about their latest and best (except of course, for Keith Moon) drummer. I mean, I love Kenney Jones everywhere except in the Who. Great drummer, wrong guy. Why the information blackout about Zak in the book? On the band's 2000 tour of the US, they sounded the best they had sounded in years, in fact, since the tragic death of Keith Moon. To my ears and eyes, that was largely due to Zak Starkey. And not a peep about him in the book... Pete, what's with that?
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