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The Who are coming to Argentina!    by | von  Aniat   (2007-02-03 17:27:55) reply | antworten
I can't believe I have my tickets for THE WHO!!! March 24th 2007 will be a great day for me!
I will come back here and write some comments on the show...
Long Live Rock! I'm so excited and enthusiastic... I meet The Who when I was about 15, and now I'm 36 and soooooo close to see the live!
OK, I'll miss Keith and Entwhistle, of course, but... I'm pretty sure Pete and Roger will make a GREAT, POWERFUL SHOW!

  • The Who are coming to Argentina!    von | by  dino   (2007-02-03 21:27:32) reply | antworten
    Sorry to disappoint you.

    • The Who are coming to Argentina!    von | by  dino   (2007-02-03 21:30:21) reply | antworten
      From the Argentinian Rolling Stone Magazine (link on previous post not working)

      The Who no tocará, como estaba programado, el 24 de marzo en River Plate, debido a que se cancelaron sus fechas en Brasil porque no conseguían estadios outdoors preparados para recibir al grupo de Pete Townshend y Roger Daltrey. Sin la posibilidad de presentarse en el país vecino, se hacía imposible para la productora sostener toda la gira por Sudamérica, según informó un comunicado de prensa de DG Medios y Espectáculos.

      De esta manera también quedó suspendido el recital de Iggy Pop and The Stooges. A aquelas personas que adquirieron entradas para el show le será devuelto su dinero desde el 5 de febrero, únicamente en los siguientes puntos de venta de Ticketek: Club Obras Sanitarias, Abasto Shopping y Viamonte 560. A quienes hayan adquirido sus entradas con tarjeta de crédito se les realizará un crédito en la misma, mientras que a aquellos que hayan abonado el importe en efectivo les será devuelto en los puntos de venta

      • The Who are coming to Argentina!    von | by  aniat   (2007-02-04 16:24:09) reply | antworten
        I was hoping this show with GREAT EXPECTATIONS!
        It was suppoused to be a great joy for me for the concert itself AND because I have breast cancer and I'm fighting against it, it was like a kind of "goal" to reach.


    • The Who are NOT coming to Argentina!    von | by  Chris   (2007-02-04 18:54:53) reply | antworten
      Does anyone know why this was cancelled?

      • The Who are NOT coming to Argentina!    von | by  aniat   (2007-02-05 19:25:56) reply | antworten
        I don't know THE TRUTH, but I haver read about lack of stadiums in Brazil, so if they couldn't play in Brazil the tour will be more expensive and blah blah blah...
        But I think Brazil wasn't scheduled from the begining... SO?

        I don't know, and really, I don't care.
        I'm very sad and dissappointed.
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