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Keith's little game    by | von  Bill. ( )  (2012-07-02 14:08:26)
Driving the Who in Paris. We were staying at the George V hotel. I clearly remember that Keith Moon was in room 702. Why?
He called me in my room and told me to go to his room. Which of course I did. He was attempting to break everything in the room in small enough pieces to put into the water glass. He suggested because I was big and muscular that I could break up a marble slab for him. I declined. I am not an idiot.
The following day, still a bit curious, I went to room 702 and found the hotel manager talking to some staff. I asked him why they were prepared to put up with somebody completely trashing a room in this manner. His reply was so simple really "they get a kick out of it. We get a completely redecorated and refurnished room plus the rent for the time it takes to complete it".
Why didn't I think of that?
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