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Keith Moon    by | von  Tom  (2011-01-18 23:12:05)
Also ich hätte da:
John Lennon: Cold Turkey live (drums)
Yoko Ono: Don´t Worry Kjoto live (drums)
Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley Jam (drums)
Jeff Beck: Beck´s Bolero (drums)
John Entwistle: Bogie Man (drums)
Scaffold: Do The Albert (drums)
Keith Moon: When I´m 64 (drums/vocals)
Viv Stanshall: Suspicion/Blind Date 7" (drums? oder "nur" production?)
Flash Fearless: Zork Women LP (vocals (track?))
Harry Nilsson: Pussy Cats LP (drums (track?))
Lord Sutch: Hands Of Jack The Ripper LP (drums (tracks?))
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