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On Monday, December 3rd, 1979, 18,000 people left their homes to
attend a concert by the legendary rock band The Who. Eleven of them
would never return. They were destined to become a tragic footnote in
American music history. Most were students, one was a housewife, one
was a sculptor. Their stories, and the stories of those that survived that
night in Cincinnati, reflect what is brightest and darkest about America’s
devotion to rock n roll.

By combining archival audio and video with current interviews of
survivors, first responders, city and arena officials, arena workers and
family members of the victims, Queen City Monday will take an in depth
look at the events of that evening, as well as the lives that were changed

We’ll visit the site of the tragedy, Riverfront Coliseum, now U.S. Bank
Arena, and give a detailed timeline of the events as they happened that
night. The film will also examine the ongoing efforts to erect a permanent
monument honoring the 11 fans that died on the plaza that cold
December evening 35 years ago.

We’ll be interviewing current and classic stars in rock n roll to find out
how they reacted to the tragedy, and how they feel it may have changed
rock concerts. Every attempt will also be made to interview the surviving
members of The Who, Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend and Kenney Jones.

Queen City Monday will premiere in Cincinnati in November of 2014. All
proceeds from the premiere will be donated to the Who Concert Memorial
Fund, established to build a permanent memorial to the 11 victims of the
tragedy. The release also coincides with the 35th anniversary of the

The producer/director of the film, Graeme Hart, brings a unique
perspective to the project, as he is an actual survivor of that night 35 years

The funds raised will be used entirely for the production of the film. As you
will see in the trailer, a large part of the film will involve still pictures.
Rights fees have to be paid on every picture used. Also video footage
from that time period will have to be purchased if it can not be bartered
for. And let's not forget music rights, which can get very expensive.

If you have any questions, please email

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