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  10 Top Who Vinyl Rarities

  10 Top Who Vinyl Raritäten

  Who records belong to the most valuable and desirable items among record collectors. Collecting rare records can be exciting, enjoying and a real challenge when you're hunting for the real gem. But it also can be really disappointing when you discover that you've paid too much for an item than it's worth or when you've obtained a fake copy or a cheap reissue or whatever.
But what's a record worth? Bids in online auctions are not a reliable statement because they can be manipulated by fake bidders or the seller himself. The real value of a rarity follows a simple rule, it is not the price the seller wants to achieve but it's the highest price a buyer is seriously willing to pay. Of course this can differ more or less from day to day and comparable to dealing with shares at a stock market also the prices for vinyl records and CD rarities can change in time.
Our Collector's Item site shall be useful for you as a serious Who collector. Request any information about a record, it's genuineness or if you have doubts about the value of an item. It is necessary that you send us most detailed information as possible or better provide pictures of cover and labels. We try to answer each request per e-mail and possibly publicize it here on this site when we think it will be of general interest for the collector's community.
  Schallplatten von The Who gehören unter Sammlern zu den wertvollsten und gesuchtesten Raritäten. Seltene Schallplatten zu sammeln kann aufregend sein, Spaß machen und bei der Jagd nach der Top Rarität eine richtige Herausforderung darstellen. Aber es kann auch wirklich enttäuschend sein, wenn man feststellt, dass man viel mehr für eine Platte bezahlt hat als sie tatsächlich wert ist oder wenn man eine Fälschung, eine billige Wiederveröffentlichung oder was auch immer für sein Geld bekommen hat.
Aber was ist eine Schallplatte wert? Gebote in Online-Auktionen sind nicht aussagekräftig, da diese von Spaßbietern abgegeben oder vom Verkäufer selbst manipuliert werden können. Der wahre Wert einer Rarität folgt einer simplen Regel: Es ist nicht der Preis, den der Verkäufer gerne erzielen möchte, sondern es ist der höchste Preis, den ein Käufer ernsthaft bereit ist zu bezahlen. Natürlich kann sich dies mehr oder weniger und von Tag zu Tag unterscheiden und vergleichbar mit dem Aktienhandel an der Börse können sich auch bei Vinyl-Schallplatten und CD-Raritäten die Preise mit der Zeit ändern.
Unsere Collector's Item Seite soll Euch als seriösem Who-Sammler dienen. Fragt uns nach Informationen zu einer Schallplatte, nach deren Echtheit oder wenn Ihr Zweifel über den Wert eines Stückes habt. Es ist jedoch notwendig, dass Ihr uns möglichst genaue Informationen oder besser Fotos vom Cover und den Labels zukommen lasst. Wir versuchen jede Anfrage per e-Mail zu beantworten und eventuell hier auf dieser Seite zu veröffentlichen, wenn es für die Gemeinschaft der Sammler vom allgemeinen Interesse ist.


Collector's Item Requests


3 Acetate Masters from The Kids Are Alright
  I have found a strange item I hope you might help me identify or may be interested in. It is a set of what look like the single sided acetate masters from "The Kids Are Alright". There are only 3 of the 4 albums. The thing I am confused about is the label. It is from a famous Hollywood mastering studio, The Mastering Lab, but the label has a phone number on it in a format that was phased out in the 60s but I thought The Kids Are Alright came out in 1979. I am looking to sell these. I am in the United States. They are purposefully scratched and one has a damaged label.
Eric Shuss, Los Angeles
The double album The Kids Are Alright was released in connection with Jeff Stein's Who documentary of the same title. Though the songs on the album did not entirely match the songs of the movie the record was published as the official soundtrack. Indeed it was released in June 1979 shortly after the movie premiered in the cinemas. In the USA the album was produced at The Mastering Lab studio in Hollywood as the acetate label confirms. I can't tell for sure why the label has that phone number format but it is definitely a 1979 release.
Unfortunately your copy contains only 3 of 4 album sides and because of the damaged label and the scratched vinyl it is really questionable how much a collector would pay for this item.


Tommy Reel To Reel Tape unopened
  Here is one item of my collection I am looking to sell. Est of it's value? It's been in a safe for about 20 years.
Bob Reese, Chicago
The market for reel to reel tapes is very difficult, due to the lesser availability of tape machines and due to the few reel to reel items which last of the days when reel to reel tapes were really common. Which means that the demand for reel to reel tapes is not comparable to vinyl records but on the other hand a reel to reel tape in a new condition would be rare on its own regardless which artist it includes.
So it's difficult to estimate a reliable value. A similar Tommy item recently sold on eBay for 150 US$. And I would say that might be a real value. Your's should fetch a little higher price due to it's new and unopened condition.


The High Numbers
  This is a sealed The High Numbers album. Another in the list of albums I am looking to sell.
Bob Reese, Chicago
This is a Who bootleg which was also known as "Who The Fu*?!". It was issued in the early 80's and contains early Who studio recording material. For a bootleg the sound quality is really good and together with the hard cover this is a really nice item and worth to obtain. In the early 80's this was a very sought after bootleg because there were many then unreleased Who songs and alternate versions included.
Today all the songs are available on CD and most of them even officially released. So the value of this vinyl bootleg decreases clearly and would now be around 20 Euro.


The Who Sell Out
  While not a sealed album, it is in excellent condition. Again in my safe for almost 20 years. This one has the rear Clearasil cover (rare).
Bob Reese, Chicago
The Who Sell Out was released in 1967. The original cover issue shows the 4 band members promoting different products including Keith Moon using a tube of Medac paste. Only the Australian release exchanged the Medac tube with a Clearasil tube. So the Australian release of The Who Sell Out is a rare and really sought cover.
The value of an item in excellent condition is 60 Euro.